Understanding My Own Atheism

By on 11-11-2016

I want to get a few things straight out of the gate here—first, this is not an affront to your religion. I am not sharing this to be spiteful or to hurt anyone. I am working through my thoughts and feelings in the wake of crisis and my soul screams WRITE. So write I will, and in writing, I know that I must give it voice by sharing. Secondly—I am not asking for your...

Free Make-up Review, MaryKay

By on 6-02-2014

A few weeks ago I joined influenster on the off chance that I might be selected to I receive free samples and review them. I didn’t expect to be selected but I was, and rather quickly. Keep in mind that I am not a beauty or makeup expert, I don’t wear make up everyday. But I’d probably prefer to if I made the time. And in the end I’m looking for quick, efficient products....

What happened to March and April?

By on 4-18-2014

What happened to March and April? The last two months of winter seemed to drag on forever, and suddenly it’s mid-April and it’s kinda spring. In the last month and a half of not following through with my original “monthly” resolutions life got a tad busy. I signed on, designed and started construction for Beowulf. The upcoming production for Meat and Potato Theatre Company to be in the Rose Wagner’s Studio theatre in the...

Book Finished: Orlando

By on 4-17-2014

Just Finished Reading: Orlando by Virginia Woolf Recommended by: Jessica Critcher Recommending to: Marin Kohler Type/Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Gender Studies, Feminism, I’m not entire sure I was ready to switch from The Graveyard Book a “children’s fiction” to Virginia Woolf. I will admit a few things here: this was my first Virginia Woolf, I will have to read it again, and it was great. I say that maybe I wasn’t ready for a...

Book Finished: The Graveyard Book

By on 3-15-2014

Just Finished Reading: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Recommended by: Marin Kohler… Recommending to: Everyone, readers who enjoy a good story with a mysterious twist; people who believe in magic, in ‘other worlds’ existing along with our own, ghosts, mysticism Type/Genre: a little bit mystery, a little bit existential, fantasy, damn fine storytellling HOLY COW! I think I may have discovered my new favorite author… and definitely one of my new favorite books....

Book Finished: Beowulf

By on 3-06-2014

Beowulf you say? That wasn’t on the original list… No. It wasn’t. However, the freelance work dictated i should read Beowulf before designing scenery for a theatrical adaption. So, I did. Just Finished Reading: Beowulf Recommended by: … well more like required by my job… Meat & Potato Theatre Company Recommending to: Steven Jones… as he is in the show. Type/Genre: Classic, Epic Poem, Adventure Well, what is there to “review” about Beowulf. I...

Book Finished: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris

By on 2-27-2014

Just Finished Reading: Squirrel Seeks Chimpumk by David Sedaris  Recommended by: I bought this book for my self sometime last summer, I couldn’t resist the title and it was in the clearance section of the book shop we were in. Recommending to: Anyone who needs a smile that can handle a few bad words. 🙂 Type/Genre: humor, short stories. This book was a really good time. a quick short read, but fun. It is...

Book Finished: Water By the Spoonful by Quiara Alegria Hudes

By on 2-26-2014

  Just Finished Reading: Water by the Spoonful by Quiara Alegrai Hudes   Recommended by: Steven via Christmas Gift; between the three scripts given for Christmas this might be my favorite, or it ties with Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.    Recommending to: I’d like to recommend it to my former teacher of “Political Theatre”–however I know that syllabus will never change.   Type/Genre: Play, Script, Diversity, Minority, Drama, Political.    When I...

Book Finished: SubUrbia by Eric Bogosian

By on 2-24-2014

Just Finished Reading: SubUrbia by Eric Bogosian (fyi: tI was given the “new” version, meaning all the cultural, political events have been update for the post 9-11 world.)   Recommended by: Steve Jones via a Christmas present.   Recommending to: Sarah Mcloney– I think there are a number of roles in this play she’s perfect for.   Type/Genre: Play, Drama, Contemporary, Modern   This was quite an intense play to read on a Monday...

Book Finished: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

By on 2-21-2014

Just Finished Reading: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang Recommended by: Steve, via-Christmas Gift. Recommending to: Marin, Sarah, and uh all theatre people in general. Type/Genre: Play, Comedy/Family Drama. I thought this was a great script. The characters are well developed and have so much potential for depth and layers. I found myself bouncing from being on the side of one character to another rather quickly. Though, I think I primarily side with...

February Resolutions: Progress?

By on 2-21-2014

At the beginning of the month I set a few goals for catching up on things… see that post here. As a summary, here were my goals and where I’m currently at with them. Cleaning up my office: As mentioned, this was the tail end of January’s resolution. I”m fairly happy with the results. However, as I look around at my desk i think there’s a lot of stuff sitting here again… how did this...

Book Finished: Lady Catherine, The Earl and the Real Downton Abbey

By on 2-18-2014

Finally finished my second book. Lady Catherine, The Earl and The Real Downton Abbey. Reccommended by: Mom via Christmas gift to Robyn, my sister.  This was a bit of slower read than the last, along with being a busy month for me. I liked this book a lot, but not quite as much as the first one. This one focuses on the transition from the 5th to the 6th Earl, and the build up...

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