I guess a good way to start out here is to explain why I've chosen the masked photo (just above to the left) as my "profile” picture. This is a character which I developed in a movement class. I believe that every character I play is some distilled, or adapted,  part of me  in it and this particular character, Marie, is one of my childhood characters. She is 5 years old, wants to make people happy, and likes to watch people in the park. She's not afraid of strangers, but is smart about them, and will ask them for help (such as to open a tricky bottle of bubbles) if necessary. She's generally only duped by computer nerds who run off with her bubbles.

I love to create characters with ridiculous backgrounds, stories, and secrets; and I love to be obnoxious with them backstage. Though occasionally it makes me feel like a circus act.

As a painter I primarily work on scenic art, that is for scenery. I am trying to get back into creating art for myself or for profit, if at all possible, but not a priority. I am also getting into doing other "crafts" such as knitting, and jewelry. This summer I will be an Art Director at a summer camp. I could be more excited, because as much as I love theatre-- I need a break, and I need to never work my old summer job again.

The poet in me has often gone in to hiding. Its presence doesn't always show. however, I'd like to get back in to writing poetry. I just have to figure out how to be inspired. 



Favorite Quotes

To be aware of the unique quality in self and in others. To keep eyes open in order to see the unusual and to acknowledge what is seen in another, if at all possible.


...until graduation

...until the road trip

...until the wedding